Welcome to Finland's premier Microsoft event, for all who work with Microsoft products, platforms and solutions

TechDays represent a unique opportunity to meet a large audience who is actively interested in Microsoft solutions.
The event attracts approximately 1000 visitors, decision makers and influencers amongst others.

A business opportunity

As an exhibitor, you will be able to gather leads from a range of target audiences, create new relationships and further develop existing ones. The event can be used as a perfect platform to strengthen your collaboration with Microsoft.

Increase brand awareness

We can help you promote your business and increase brand awareness prior, during and post the event!

Tailor your engagement for maximum ROI

What is most important for you exhibiting at TechDays? We help you reach your targets by offering Exhibitor Packages, made to maximize the effect of your participation and to help you choose as an exhibitor. All packages can be modifyed after your needs. 


At TechDays you will meet Finland´s elite in the IT industry, which gives you the opportunity to meet decision makers and purchasing influencers – all under one roof.

Who visits the fair?

The key reason for visitors to attend is to learn about new products/technologies/services that have been released to market & to keep up to date on existing products/technologies/services.

Visitors from 66 Finnish cities.

The visitor come from 239 different companies. 

  • IT Decision makers
  • Architect
  • Dev Dev/Ops
  • IT Professional/DevOps
  • IT Professional
What sector does the visitors come from?
Private sector
Public sector
Academic sector

Choose between the following packages​

Exhibitor Packages include: floor space, furniture, carpet, lighting, signage and company logo. All stands will fit the TechDays branded concept and colour scheme.

TechDays 9 m2

TechDays 12 m2

TechDays 24 m2

For pricing and other questions, you are welcome contact Christoffer Högström her!


Would you like to exhibit at TechDays 2021?

Interested in exhibiting?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss exhibitor and/or sponsor packages. As mentioned previously, all exhibitor packages can be enhanced for a more tailor-made experience to maxamise ROI for your company.

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