The winners of TechDays Walk!

This year, TechDays announced a competition between all exhibiting companies. The jury assessed how the exhibitors showed creativity in choosing an activity for the delegates to complete in their stand. Nine exhibitors join the competition, and all had created fun and innovative activities that was very appreciated for all the delegates.


Congratulations Sovelto!

With a high level of creativity, they created an innovative and engaging activity for the delegates that correlated with their brand and the event!

Congratulations Team Sovelto – we hope you’ll enjoy your after-work basket!


Congratulations Erkki Brotkin!

Erkki Brotkin was the winner of this year’s TechDays Walk! He completed the tasks with a high level of creativity, dedication and charisma, and truly embodied the competition.

Congratulation Erkki to your new Surface Pro!